Accommodation and Hostels In Georgia for International Students

After reading this blog post, you will know about the different types of apartments and hostels available in Georgia (Country), the estimated rent fee per month and standards. Also, we will tell you how to find cheap flats for rent in Georgian cities and how to secure a very good contract when renting apartments in Tbilisi, Batumi & other cities.

University Hostels In Georgia

Very few Universities in Georgia have dormitories for rent to foreign students. Other rely on agencies to provide hostel accommodation for all their students. Hostel rooms come furnished with beds, mattress, pillows, blanket, two side tables, one cupboard per room and one table and chair per room. Occupants get a weekly change of bed-sheet and pillowcase. Hot water is available in designated hours. All rooms are centrally heated. A plumber, carpenter, and electrician are available on call. Admission to the Hostel is competitive. It is based on first come first serve and subject to availability.

Students residing in the hostel sign an annual contract and are expected to follow the rules of the hostel; which include the closing of the hostel gate at 11.00 pm, registering all visitors to the hostel, not making noise and showing consideration to fellow residents in the hostel. The hostel also has round the clock security provision for safety of every student staying in the hostel.

Which kind of environment to rent an apartment in

Every knows that the location you live in Georgia determines the personal experience you gain as you study In Georgia. The hostel is located very close to the educational campus and is a 7 min walk from the main campus and is well connected to all the basic provisions like Metro, Bus stops, Super Markets and other convenience stores.

The hostel should have the following facilities :

  • Laundry
  • Cafeteria
  • Reading room with free internet
  • Assembly hall
  • Male and Female shower rooms
  • Kitchen and separate wash rooms.

Pricing and features.

The rent fee greatly affects the over cost of living in Georgia for International students. Students are advised to pay their rent in USD because the USD is relatively more stable than the the Lari (GEL). And since most students get their money in USD from their parents, it’s just the reason thing to do.

  1. You can find accommodations for different prices in Georgian cities. It depends, what requirements you have.
  2. If you are looking for cheap accommodation, you can choose home-stay in a hospitable Georgian Family, Monthly price starts from 100USD
  3. Average price price for the apartment of 40-60m2 starts from 300USD per month, the apartment can be shared by several students.
  4. Also there are some hotels and the daily prices starts from 40USD
  5. Double apartment, price $400 per month, may be shared by two (2-4) students
  6. Triple room apartment, price $600 per month, may be shared by 3-5 students

The cost of an apartment in the city center with a single bedroom is around 300 USD per month. Apartment outside city center with one bedroom 230+ USD , apartment in the city center with 3 bedrooms is approximately 746 USD and outside the center 500 USD

Contract terms

Sign a contract! No matter how nice the landlord or landlady appears to be when you are renting the apartment, make sure you sign a contract. Never specify your responsibilities to each other via verbal agreements. It is necessary for all the students to sign an agreement with the landlord as it will be submitted to the local Migration authorities as a proof of residence for the issuance of the Residence Permit.

Before renting an apartment carefully inspect the flat to make sure that everything is fine and it meets all your requirements. Keep in mind that you can bargain the price; at least you can try to get some discount, but be prepared that the owner might say that he/she already gives you the flat for a special price

Final Advice:

Students are advised to be conduct themselves orderly while living in a rented apartment in Georgia. Yes! Many neighbourhoods in Georgia are safe for foreigners, however, we still advice Students living off campus to take never take their personal security for granted as no amount of security is too much.

Let’s help you do it.

Because most of Georgia’s prestigious universities are located in capital Tbilisi, we will use Tbilisi as our reference point. Most landlords in Georgia fully furnish their flats or hostels before putting them up for rent to tenants.

Are you a landlord looking for students?

Secure your student housing in Tbilisi in advance.Search through a wide range of student rentals available for mid- and long-term rent: rooms, flats and shared apartments close to universities.

The Best Experience Ever

The Best Experience Ever

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